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What is the difference between sophrology and life coaching?

In sophrology we concentrate on the body, its perception, how we feel it, on the development of five senses. We use also breathing exercises, dynamic exercises and imagination. We work on letting go, we learn to observe our automatic functioning that has sometimes nothing to do with the lived reality. All this with the aim to achieve calm state, well-being, not to be stressed in difficult situations (like an exam or a competition), prepare ourselves for new situation such as change of a job, child birth etc. It is a mind-body therapeutical method.

Coaching focuses on change, the emphasis is on your objective that you define at the first session. (It is possible that the objective changes in the course of following sessions). The coach is navigating you to ask yourselves the good questions. Sometimes we can use the movement in the space in order to ease the process of thinking or to understand better a specific situation, however, the body is not the principal vehicle to reach your inner resources or your potential.

How many sessions do I need?

On the first informative session we analyse your needs and preferred way of working towards the change. In general, I recommend 6-8 sessions of the body-mind therapy in which you learn techniques, such as breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualisation, dynamic exercises and other techniques that you introduce in your daily routine. Generally, once a week at the beginning is useful, because you need to get in the habit and the weekly „control“ of your progress is a great motivator. Gradually the frequency can be longer, between 9-14 days. The important part of a session is your expression of eventual problems,

thoughts, feelings at the beginning but also during the session.

As for the coaching sessions, it largely depends on your final goal and where you are at the moment of our first meeting. Some people opt for working on multiple goals, such as developing self-confidence at work and at the same time being able to delegate more at home and letting go a toxic relationship. For these clients we estimate together the most important goal to reach by the given time and we agree on the number of sessions, generally 4-5. It is possible that by working on one goal you will already address partially or fully the next one.  Depending on that we can add a few more sessions or you decide that you have enough resources to navigate yourself further alone. Eventually, you can always return after a month or two to discuss additional steps and strategies in the given area. Some people might feel stuck at a particular moment of life, not having a precise goal but needing a change. The coaching process helps to address the feeling of being „stuck“, uncover the underlying obstacle being it fear of failure, fear of change, fear of the unknown or simply lack of energy and thus find solutions to improve the status quo.

Coaching and sophrology could complement each other.

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