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7 benefits of regular walking

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Walking is the most natural way of moving, something we used to practice on regular basis only a few decades ago, when life was slower, when we relied on our legs more than on our cars. We used to go to local shops on foot, children to school and adults who used public transport had fair amount of walking from and to a bus stop. I remember my grandma having had a very simple bicycle that she used to go downhill to the small city centre and going home while pushing the bicycle uphill.

Times changed and so our ways of living and our habits. Maybe you are a sportsperson and you think walking is boring, or that you will not burn enough calories. Maybe you are not a sportsperson but still you do not see what the walking can bring to your life, except that you will need to find time for it in your busy schedule.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider introducing walking routine in your life:

  1. Yes, walking takes time. Precisely for this reason it is and excellent means to take time for YOURSELF. Emails can wait, kids can wait, partner can wait, tidying up or cooking can wait. You decide how much time you dedicate to yourself. You will learn to give yourself a priority and that is a powerful tool.

  2. When you walk, you move. Moving is life. It may seem banal but consider that throughout your life it is not guaranteed you will always be in your best shape - either because of poor health, injury, ageing. Having walking routine as a natural part of your daily life gives you security and sense of agency. I am walking, I am alive, I am heading forward.

  3. Walking outside provides you with fresh air. Oxygen is important for your brain health and its function, so if you take a walk during lunch break, your performance in the office improves in the afternoon.

  4. Walking helps to be aware of your breathing. We tend to breath shallowly but when walking we naturally align our breath with our pace. This helps us increase oxygenation, reduce heart rate, relax and even reduce anxiety. We improve the elasticity of our lungs which is a great preventive measure as we age.

  5. Walking clears your head, literally. Had a fight - walk, feeling sad - walk, cannot take important decision - walk. Increased blood flow to the brain stimulates the release of endorphins, which boosts our mood.

  6. Walking boosts our concentration and memory. Not only it stimulates the production of chemicals that affect the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, but we can practice observation skills. Look at your surroundings carefully and try to remember details - of people you saw, number of stairs you walked etc.

  7. Last but not least, walking enables creativity. Your mind gets rid of superfluous and is able to "produce" new solutions, new ideas. Mind you, the idea for this blog post was born on my regular walk.

Have a good pair of comfortable shoes, pay attention to your posture - keep your shoulders down. Do not set up time goals, do not measure steps, just walk. Try not to distract yourself with listening to music, calling a friend, scrolling your Facebook or Instagram. You might like to walk with a friend and that is an excellent and healthy pass time. However, to make the most of the above mentioned benefits, find also time to walk on your own. You might have a certain apprehension of being alone, spending time in silence, yet it is in silence your innermost needs, values, dreams could be heard.

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